Information About Appliance Care for Homeowners

At Northern Appliance Parts & Services, we want to be your resource for your household appliances. From maintenance to parts and accessories, we can help address most questions. For more information about parts or repair call us today.


Fridge Facts

All refrigerators keep food cold. The major differences lie in the configuration, dimensions, and features. What particular model works best for you often comes down to size, budget, style, and energy efficiency. In terms of efficiency, Energy Star-qualified refrigerators use 20% less energy than other models. A qualified fridge can curb your energy bills by $165 over the lifetime of your fridge which is roughly $9 to $12 a year.


Sensitive Circuits

Most new major appliances are equipped with complex circuit boards that are easily damaged in the event of a strong storm or power surge. They are often very expensive to replace. A quality surge protector is an affordable way of saving you a considerable amount of money and it also serves to save your appliances. Call us today to order your special surge protector.


Dirty Dishwasher

At times you may find that your dishes are not coming out sparkling clean in your dishwasher. It could be many reasons from the soap you are using to the water is not hot enough. It could also indicate a problem with the pump or a component. Call us to book a service call to get those squeaky clean dishes. Please contact us for a service call. For assistance with your dishwasher, view this link:


Flimsy Fill-Hoses

Fill-hoses for your washer should be replaced every 5 years to prevent leaks and flooding due to bursts and ruptures. Call us to order your fill-hose today.


Fluff Fires

Did you know that unmanaged lint build-up in your dryer and/or exhaust vent can result in a fire? Regular cleaning and servicing is imperative to keep your home safe and protect your loved ones. Call us today to order your dryer-lint guard and book your maintenance service check today.

Frequently Asked Questions

In general, how much does a repair cost?

Customer service managers are sometimes able to give you an idea of what the repair may cost. However, we mention on every call that only a factory certified technician will be able to clearly identify the cause of your appliance’s malfunction and estimate repair costs.

Are you going to charge me for two service calls if the technician has to come back to install a part?

No, we will only charge for one service call. Subsequently, we charge a flat rate depending on the service required.

Will you credit the service call if I have the appliance repaired?

We don’t include the cost of the service call in the repair and keep the two charges separate. Companies that credit the service call usually add it to the repair cost.

I have seen cheaper repairs elsewhere.

Our goal at Northern Appliance Parts & Service is to provide fast service, technicians who are always up to date with new technologies, a supply of replacement parts to do the repairs on the first visit if you decide to go ahead with the repair. We are an authorized service centre for major manufacturers. If you want to do business with a solid company, with over 20 plus years in the York Region, we are here for you!

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